Windstream Internet Down

Why is My Windstream Internet Down

Windstream internet down is not a one-off situation for sure. And despite it being full-proof as hell, you are likely to experience it just when you expect it the least. Internet outages bring your company’s productivity down also leaving you far behind in the competition. 

This is why we have compiled a guide enlisting all methods to check why your Windstream internet service is down, how to check it, and ways to get it back on track in no time. So here we go: 

Windstream Internet Service Down? Here’s How You Can Check

When the Windstream internet down situation strikes, try looking for the information all around you on some reliable sources:

Check It on Third-Party Status Checking Websites

You can use third-party ‘Internet Status Checkers’ such as Downhunter, Downdetector, and IsTheServiceDown among others. These pages have geographical maps and other relevant information that show exactly where the internet issues exist in the network of Windstream and which networks are affected.

Check it on Twitter

You can check if the Windstream internet down is real on twitter as well. Track tweet updates by other Windstream internet. Go to the official twitter handle of Windstream company and check if they have updated anything regarding Windstream internet service down

Check It on Facebook

Open Facebook and search for ‘Windstream Connects or ‘Windstream at Home’ to land on its Facebook profile.In case the internet issues are going on at a global level, the company should publish details online. Through this page, you can also directly communicate with the service. 

Main Causes Behind the Windstream Internet Down

Fixin the Windstream Internet Down issues without knowing the reasons is like waging a war against an army of Spartans. Hence, go through the main causes mentioned below and make the troubleshooting process even easier. 

1. Viruses and malware attacks can cause problems by sending data or by substantially reducing the resources of your computer or system.

2. If the Windstream internet network is used in streaming or downloading other connected devices.

3. Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive,  and so on, since they generally use every bit of bandwidth they can run and slow down the internet speed. 

4. It is possible that the issue is not at your end, the internet services are not provided because of some problems.

5. Windstream modem is not responding.

6. Torn or broken wires are affecting your internet connection.

Windstream Internet Down: Easy Fixes 

After getting familiar with the main causes of Windstream internet services down, it is apt time to troubleshoot the Windstream internet down the issue. So let’s not waste time: 

Check your Windstream Internet Connection Problems

  • Check if your Windstream WiFi router is working properly. Reboot the Modem, restarting is the first step in troubleshooting most tech problems, and particularly hardware networking issues.
  • If you use a wired connection, check if the cables are connected properly between your computer and router. Replace it with a new cable if you see it is broken.
  • In case your modem is showing some error messages such as Windstream internet service down, then follow the enlisted steps to connect the modem properly: Disconnect and connect back the power cord of the laptop or computer to an active power outlet. 
    1. Disconnect the WiFi connection on your computer. 
    2. Connect one end of internet cable to the router. 
    3. Attach the other end of the internet cable to the computer’s network port.
    4. Switch on your computer. 
    5. Open an internet browser and enter the Windstream router’s IP address in the URL bar. 
    6. When asked, provide the correct Username and Password to log in to the internet services successfully. 
  • In case you experience a power failure, internet access is not possible. Let the power back on to get rid of the Windstream internet down the problem.
  • If any potential software on your computers such as Windows Firewall protection, McAfee, Norton, and more is blocking your way, then turn off their features and see if still, you are facing the internet service down issues. 

Confirm your Windstream Internet Service Account Status

Make sure your account is currently active and the internet services are not blocked. Follow the enlisted steps to know how to check the Windstream account status. 

  • Open browser and head to the Windstream Login page.
  • Enter your Username and Password. 
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button. 

Here, check for your subscriptions and the internet services provided to you. In case  the services have been blocked for any reason, call customer service and renew your services. 

Troubleshoot TV/ Cable Box

If you were watching your favourite show on television and suddenly lost the internet connection and could get it back, this method will come in handy. Let’s troubleshoot the TV or Cable if the Windstream internet down on TV. 

  • Loose connections: Check if the Windstream router box is plugged incorrectly. If the indicator lights near its button is not flashing, you will know that it is not connected. Disattach and connect it back properly to truly turn it on. 
  • Issues with Remote: If you access your TV with the help of remote and wrong taps have led you to Windstream service down. Switch the Television and the cable box on manually, and use the remote control to shut off both the devices. Perhaps you just need to change the battery and get the internet back.

Reboot Mobile Phone to Get Rid of Windstream Internet Down Issues

If your modem is absolutely fine and you are still facing the Windstream down problems then, the issue may be the phone that is attached to it. To confirm with this, check if all of the other connected devices are working except this phone. Unplug the power cord from the phone and plug it back in then, follow the enlisted steps.  

  • Confirm with all the cables whether they are well connected between the mobile phone and the Windstream modem.
  • Resetting your Windstream modem.
    • Unplug the cables from the Modem. 
    • Hang 30 seconds for the start. This time allows the devices to cool down and indicates your phone 
    • Plug the cables into the modem again.
  • If any other electrical device is placed between the modem and your phone, it means they are interfering. Clear the path between the mobile phone and the modem, remove the electronic device that is coming in the way. 

After following the troubleshooting tips, you can get back your internet connection. In case none of the solutions worked for you, we think one last option is to report Windstream internet down to the company. If you have any doubt or query regarding the Windstream Holdings service down issues, leave a comment or contact our tech experts via the live chat box located below.

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