What is Windstream Billing and Payment Procedure, Windstream Bill Payment Options, Why Auto Pay and Not Paper Billing, How to Pay Windstream Bill Online, How to Change the Billing Address on Windstream My Account, How Do I Print My Bill, Do I Need to Pay an Early Cancellation Fee

What is Windstream Billing and Payment Procedure?

For all those Windstream email/ cable users who are unaware of its easy Windstream Billing and Payment options, this guide will come in handy. 

Windstream Bill Payment Options

There are many convenient options for Windstream customers to pay monthly bills. Here are some of them:


Via the Online payment option, you can receive and pay your bills very easily. To pay Windstream bills online, you must be registered on MyWin application. Follow the steps and go paperless:

Keep your PIN Number handy. 

  • Head to the my.windstream.com. 
  • Expand the ‘My Account’ tab and choose the ‘View or Pay My Bill’ option. 
  • Navigate towards the left and click on the ‘Register for access’. 
  • Enter the following details:
    • Windstream Account Number
    • PIN Code
    • Billing Zip Code
  • Click on the ‘Validate’ and let your details verified. 
  • Now, enter the Windstream email login credentials and choose the ‘Security’ question. 
  • Answer the question and click on the ‘Submit’ button. 
  • Check the ‘Privacy Policy’ box and click on the ‘Continue’ tab. 

After following the steps, you will receive a  confirmation message. Now, you can easily pay bills via online mode. 

Auto Pay 

Paying Windstream bills via Auto Pay is one of the most secure ways. Get rid of writing checks and enable the Auto Pay to transfer the required amount to Windstream bills from your credit card. 

Why Auto Pay and Not Paper Billing? 

  1. You can view your balance and payment history by visiting the Windstream office. 
  2. Information regarding new services and with rates will be notified. 
  3. No need to set reminders for the payments, payments will be made on time. 
  4. Make changes to your email and cable services from anywhere and anytime. 

You can pay Windstream cable and email bills by Auto Draft, Email, and physically going to the following address. 


P.O. Box 9001908 

Louisville, KY 40290-1908

Seeking more help regarding the Windstream bill? Check out our FAQ section and find out the answer to your question to help understand your Windstream account and payments.

How to Pay Windstream Bill Online?

Follow the enlisted steps:

  • Access MyWIN and land on your Homepage.
  • Find and click on the ‘Pay Now’. 
  • Click on the ‘Pay Now’ on the Payment page to confirm the amount to pay. 
  • Click on the ‘Auto Pay’ and enable it. 

If you want to set up autopay:

  • Provide the required information and click on the ‘Add’. 

How to Change the Billing Address on Windstream My Account?

Your Windstream Billing and Payment address can only be changed by calling on the Windstream support number that is 1-844-300-0168.

How Do I Print My Bill?

Follow the steps mentioned below and print your cable/ email bill:

  • To view your bill, access the Windstream email login and choose the ‘View and Pay My Bill’. 
  • Select the ‘View Invoices’ option and drop the list of your archived bills every month. 
  • Find the most recent one and click on the ‘View’. 
  • The Bill will open in the PDF format, navigate towards the ‘Download’. 
  • Click on the ‘OK’ button to allow the file to download. 
  • Browse the location and find the ‘PDF  document of Windstream Bill’ and open it. 
  • Click on the ‘File’ and choose the option of ‘Print’.  

Do I Need to Pay an Early Cancellation Fee?

No. If you want to cancel your email or cable service, Windstream will not charge a cancellation fee. 

We hope you are now aware of the ways to Windstream Billing and Payment. If you have any doubt regarding the Windstream Email Login or its billing methods, don’t hesitate to contact our representatives. 

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