How to Keep Spams At Bay With Your Windstream Email

How to Keep Spams At Bay With Your Windstream Email

The security and safety of your email is not just your responsibility. The email provider also plays a major role in it. If you are confused as to how you can secure your Windstream email account, you really shouldn’t because the very step in the direction is as easy as reporting Spams to the email giant. here you know how to keep spams at bay with your Windstream Email

Read this guide to find out ways for reporting Spams to Windstream and ensure the top email security all year long.

How to Reporting for the Spam Emails

Windstream is dedicated to fighting the spam war. As of now, it provides spam filtering to the users that has reduced the amount of fraudulent email delivery to the Windstream email account holders. 

Let us take you through the three best ways to report Spams and secure your Windstream email account. Here we go: 

Report Junk Mail to Windstream 

Are you receiving undesirable email messages  in your Windstream inbox? You can report the sender or the email message to Windstream. Here are steps to report junk mails:

  • Access the Windstream email account and open the junk email message. 
  • Drop down the options from the upper-right corner and click on the ‘Spam’. 
  • You can also select the email message without opening it, and mark on the ‘Spam’ option at the top.

Add Trusted Email Address

If there are too many junk email messages in your mailbox, add a few trusted email contacts rather than reporting too many. Follow the enlisted steps and make sure that the emails from trusted addresses reach your inbox and not spam box:

  • After accessing the Windstream email account, navigate towards the ‘Preferences’ tab. 
  • Choose the ‘Trusted Addresses’ and click on the ‘Add’. 
  • Select the ‘Email Address’ or ‘Email Domains’ and click on the ‘Set as trusted address’. 

Now, only the selected email address will be considered as trusted and will be displayed in your inbox, others will go to spam. 

Report Phishing Scam to Windstream

You must report any Fraudulent Phishing email messages received from the Windstream account information within 24 hours from its receiving time to the Security Department of Windstream email.

First, access your Windstream email and then follow the steps to report the Phishing Scam to Windstream. 

  • Open the Phishing Scam email message from Windstream email. 
  • Navigate towards the ‘Three dots’ in the upper-right corner and drop down the options. 
  • Click on the ‘Forward’ tab and check the ‘As an Attachment’ box. 
  • Enter the following email address ‘’ in the ‘To:’ column and send it. 

If you are not accessing your account via any mail app, you can also report it by selecting the email message and mark it as ‘Spam’. 

So, these were some of the options provided by the Security Department of Windstream emails to stay safe from the Phishing attacks. We hope after following the quick guide you could stop the undesirable contacts from sending emails and secure your Windstream Login account. 

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